Saturday, October 3, 2009

i love fridays.

i just realised my blog is so...not colorful? No pictures, no new stuff, no new topics, no interesting videos, no new music and did i mention no PICTURES!! one word explains it all, BORING. I wonder if anyone still reads my crappy-boring-fungus-growing blog. I think most likely no one.
Oh well, who cares.

Anyway, ITS FREAKING FRIDAY!!! yay. Friday is pay day, friday is the last workday before the weekend, friday is chilling-out-in-the-office-doing-nothing day, friday is bonding day, friday is SHOPPING day, friday is staying up late at night doing nothing day, friday is dining in fancy restaurant day, friday is my favoriteeee day of the week, friday is my day..hip hip hooray friday.

Just a random thing i wanna mention just because its Friday!! I am very proud of myself because i've finally able to sent some money back home for gma,gpa and daddy.Not exactly sent but Kahwai brought the USD back to Msia last week when she went back for vacation. They're very happy of course =)I think its about time for me to contribute. They have done their parts and i have to say mom contributed and sacrificed the most. It is my turn to repay.
Happy weekend, love.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I wish I was in the crowd

This is truly awesome!!! Watch the whole clip and im sure you will be amazed by it. Like Oprah said, "this is soooo cool!" I agree with you Oprah.

What do you think? Isnt it incredible!?

Friday, September 11, 2009

My to-do list keeps getting LONGER.

Lesson learned : Work is never ending. Period.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Busy Mode

I just realised that i haven't been updating since my first day of work. Ive been super busy lately and i literally mean it. Weekdays seem to zoomed pass so quickly perhaps because i am always loaded with paperwork, deadlines, housechores, meeting, training and what not. When i reached home after work, i'll usually be all exhausted and sleepy. Sometimes, i felt so tired i just passed out without eating dinner, showering, going online, managing my farm on Fb(wtf). I dont talk to my mom and sister so much now, I dont gossip on msn anymore, I dont play bejeweled anymore (yes, i have a life now. tq), i dont SOCIALIZE that often anymore =( and that sucks. My life is so monotonous now - wake up at 7, get ready to go to work, take the subway to work, reach office, chat and have a quick breakfast with coworkers, do paperwork, call clients to come in for assessment/ meetings/etc, go for lunch, more paperwork and follow ups to do, get off from work, reach home, have dinner (if im tired and have to cook, id rather just go to bed), shower (if im tired i'll shower next morning), go online, go to bed (most of the time, i'll be in bed before 10.30pm). I feel that im like a robot now; doing the same thing over and over everyday. Is it just me or is it common to feel that way?

Anyway, a quick updates- i had a hair cut last weekend, i lost weight, my dark circles became worse, im getting my first paycheck this Fri (yay!!), i made new friends and they are super intelligent and competent they made me feel useless and stupid at times, i go to bed early its unbelievable, the season is changing, i bought a new hair curler and a few new tops, im planning to get a branded bag with my first paycheck (might change my mind tho. haha), im in the process of getting the CDA Credentials and i have a new laptop and phone to use at work (im so easily satisfied), Starbucks is my new bestbestfriend (used to be my bestfriend but apparently, it is much more significant to me now than before. Its definitely a bad good idea to have a Starbucks located a block from my company. I go there every morning, sometimes twice a day)

Alright, im signing off from here. Will be blogging again this weekend. Oh and guess what!?!? Im off from work this coming Monday , it is Labor Day. We all just love long weekends, dont we??

Till then ♥

Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of work was amazing!

First day of work wasnt bad at all! It was really interesting and i met many nice and very friendly people in the office! They are super laid back and the working environment isnt stressful at all. I like =) I even have my own work place and was at one point tempted to log onto msn to chat with David. HaHa.
Basically today was orientation for me. I was brought to different departments to be introduced and was shown around. Didnt realized my company was pretty big until i was brought to the auditorium and the gym room which was located on the fifth floor.
One thing that worries me about this job is that i am required to do alot of paperwork (set developmental goals with clients, develop an individualized family/child plan addressing family and child needs, etc), write reports after each session with my client, assess child developmental status, provide families with appropriate referrals and more paperwork to do T.T I admit im quite overwhelmed by the workload but im confident that I will get the hang of it very soon. This is what i always wanted to do and now that i have the opportunity, i will not waste it!
Okay, im pretty sleepy already. Hope tomorrow will be as wonderful or better than today.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy News

I am starting work on August 24th, 2009!!! yes, it is the official date ♫♪♪♫. wheee~

The day that ive been looking forward is just 4 days away! After being unemployed for almost 2 months, im now all ready to work my ass off. Super excited and i mean it.

To be honest im a tad worried too. Im afraid that i wont be able to handle the tasks that they give me or even worse, do silly things and embarassed myself infront of everyone. The thought of it makes me cringe. ugh.

I hope everything will turn out great.

So i have four more days to relax and enjoy my life to the max before stepping into the real world-work force.

Eat, drink, sleep, play, relax, sing, dance, shop, blog, cook, bake, shop, etc...

Lets toast. *cheers

till then ♥